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  • (UC511-DI)

    UC51x series LoRaWAN® Solenoid Valve Controller isadeviceused to remotely control DC latching solenoids of thevalve.Itcontains 2 solenoid interfaces and 2 GPIOinterfaces, whichcan be easily controlled locally or remotely. Besides ultra-low-power LoRaWAN® technology, UC51xseriesalso provides built-in solar pannel and high-capacitybatterypower supply for long-term operation. For outdoorapplications, it equips with IP67-rated enclosureandM12connectors to protect from water and dust under harshenvironments

  • (UC100)

    1 * RS485 Modbus RTU Supported Cost-Effective & Super-Tiny Size Harsh-Environment Resistance

  • (UC300)

    UC300 series is an IoT controller used for remote control anddataacquisition from diverse devices. It contains multipleI/Ointerfacesincluding analog input, digital input, relay output, serial port, PT100RTD input, which support remote device data transmissionviaLoRaWAN® or 3/4G networks. Besides, UC300 seriessupportsmultiple trigger conditions and actions which can work autonomouslyeven when the network dropped. Combining with Milesight IoTCloudsolution, it can monitor and control remote devices viawebserverormobile App easily. Adopting...

  • (WS301)

    1200 mAh Li-SOCL2 Battery Advanced Features: LoRa D2D Controller NFC Enabled 1 * LED

  • (WS156)

    2 * 590 mAh CR2450LithiumCoin Cell Batteries AdvancedFeatures:MilesightD2D Controller User-definedE-ink Screen NFC Enabled IP30 Rated Up to 6 ScenesSettable

  • (WS513)

    WS51x is an 86-type in-wall smart socket panel withastylishandminimalist design that combines power control andelectricityconsumption statistics features. It can intelligentlymanageappliances and promote the scientific use of electricity. Theproductoffers various power control methods, such as local buttoncontroland remote control through wireless LoRaWAN®networkcommunication. WS51x is compatible with Milesight'sLoRaWAN®gateway and IoT Cloud solution, which allowsfor remotemonitoring and control via a webpage or mobile App, triggeredbyother...

  • (WS522)

    WS52x is a LoRaWAN® smart portable socket for themonitoringand control of electrical appliances. Adoptingmost ofinternational socket types, WS52x can be used for turningonoroff the electrical devices locally or remotely andmeasuringpower consumption data plugged on it and evensendingovercurrent alarms. Compliant with Milesight LoRaWAN®gateway and Milesight IoT Cloud solution, WS52xcanbemonitored and controlled via webpage or mobile Appremotelyand triggered by other Milesight sensors. WS52x can be widely used for wireless control of indoor...

  • (WS501)

    NFC Enabled ScheduleSwitch& SwitchLock Supported PowerConsumptionStatistics SupportOverloadProtection SupportMulticastFeatureto ControlSwitchesin Bulk AdvancedFeatures:MilesightD2D Controller& MilesightD2D Agent OperatingVoltage: 100 ~ 250 VAC, 50 ~ 60 Hz RatedLoad: Max 1000W per Gang,total 0 ~ 2000W Measurement: Voltage(VAC),Current(mA),PowerFactor(%), Power Consumption(kWh),Power(W) CircuitType: 3-Wire (NeutralRequired)